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The #BloggerHouse In Puglia Gargano

The Blogger House In Puglia Gargano

What’s this? That’s your home, the tourist home or even the summer house. Call it as you want! I like Blogger House.It’s a location, a place, a meeting point for you and your land. Your Gargano storytelling begins here


This project will start on February and close on May. During this period we will offer for free one of our apartments for those who will decide to visit the Gargano and to tell it on their blog.
The agenda will be gradually updated according to the availibility. Actually,the period from the 1st of February to the 30 of May it’s available.


How can I book? It’s easy! Please send us a motivation email ( some link about your blog,your previous experiences, etc, and your proposal like: “Hi GIuseppe, i would book three nights on February, with my boyfriend. I would speak about the Gargano and its cooking in my blog , etc, etc. I knew many of you, did wonderful experiences(even virtual experiences). I hope to know other travel lovers and passionate people like me 😉 The “Blogger House on the Gargano” is waiting for You! 😉 Groups are well accepted :)

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