What makes Pizzicato EcO Bed and Breakfast different?

As the name of our hotel suggests, here at Pizzicato EcoB&B we care about the environment and, in fact, the promotion of responsible and eco-sustainable tourism is our number one priority.

Our mission? To warmly welcome every tourist and visitor who comes to stay and, at the same time, to protect the environment which surrounds us, and to encourage others to do likewise.

We embrace the philosophy of “Slow Tourism” with a passion: rather than sending our guests on whirlwind tours of Gargano, we offer them the chance to savor an authentic slice of life in Vico del Gargano and the immediate vicinity, introducing them, slowly, to the history, culture, cuisine and traditions of our much-loved land and offering them experiences which are as enjoyable as they are unexpected.

  • Almeno 60% lampade a basso consumo / At least 60% low-energy / Lamps mindestens 60% energiesparlampen /
    Al menos el 60% bombillas de bajo consumo / Au moins 60% des ampoules économiques

  • Colazione con piatti tipici/Petit-déjeuner des plats/Breakfast with typical cuisine/Frühstück mit typischen gerichten/Platos del desayuno

  • /Bio-architecture renovation projects/Restaurierungen in bioarchitektur/Restauration dans l’architecture verte/Restauración de la arquitectura verde

  • Alimenti no ogm/Alimenti no ogm/Gmo-free food gvo-frei lebensmittelAucun aliment OGM/No hay alimentos transgénicos

  • Percorsi trekking e naturalistici/Way-marked walks and nature paths/Trekking und naturpfade/Trekking et la nature/Senderismo y la naturaleza

  • Riduzione bottiglie plastica e lattine/ Reduced use of plastic bottles and drink cans/Reduzierte verwendung von platikflaschen und dosen/Reducción de plástico y latas

  • Uso materiali riciclati/ Recycled materials / Verwendung von recyclingmaterialien /Réduction des bouteilles en plastique et les canettes /Materiales reciclados

  • Pannelli solari/Solar panels/Solarzellen/Panneaux solaires/Paneles solares

  • Bicicletta gratuita/Bike Free/Fahrrad Kostenlos /Bicyclettes Free /Bicicleta Libre

  • Colazione con prodotti biologici/Breakfast with organic produce/Frühstück mit biologischen produkten/Petit-déjeuner bio/Orgánica desayuno

  • Riduzione delle monodosi/ Reduced of single-service packs/Reduzierte verwendung von einwegprodukten /Réduction de la dose unique/Reducción de la dosis única

  • Uso detersivi ecologici/Use of environment-friendly detergents/Gebrauch von biologischen reinigungsmitteln/Utilisez des détergents respectueux de l’environnement/detergentes ecológicos

  • Risparmio idrico/Save water/Wassereinsparung/Les économies d’eau/Ahorro de agua

  • Raccolta differenziata/Separate collection/Getrennte Sammlung/La collecte sélective/Recogida selectiva

  • WiFi-Diminuzione onde elettromagnetiche/Decrease electromagnetic waves/Abnahme elektromagnetischen Wellen/Diminution des ondes électromagnétiques /Disminución de las ondas electromagnéticas

  • Riscaldamento senza sprechi/Heating without wasting/Heizen ohne Verschwendung/Chauffage sans déchets/Calefacción sin desperdicio

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