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(English) What To See In Gargano

Those who decide to visit Italy for its amazing landscapes and views, always fall in love when they decide to give Puglia, one of Italy’s regions, a fair chance. Why is that? Because Puglia is filled with great and picturesque towns to visit, art pieces, incredible beaches and lots of natural parks. If all this sounds great to you and you would like to find out more about a more specific part of Puglia to visit, I am going to tell you what to see in Gargano.

Gargano is a sub-region of Puglia, and there are many different towns for tourists to visit and make the most of. One of them is Vico del Gargano, where you will have the chance to visit the Trappeto Maratea Museum which is located inside a building from the 14th Century and where you will discover everything there is to know about olives, one of the typical products of the area. But in Vico del Gargano there are other great buildings to visit such as the Palazzo della Bella, which was built in the 20th Century but has a really archaic style.

What To See In Gargano

What To See In Gargano: Trappeto Maratea Museum

Then there is Vieste, another great town to visit in Gargano. There you will find a great beach where you will have the chance of relaxing while sunbathing and enjoy the crystalline water of the sea. Also, while in Vieste, you must not miss taking the chance to walk around the old town, which is filled with lots of restaurants where you will be able to try out some delicious Italian meals, and many little shops to buy souvenirs or really unique items you couldn’t possibly find anywhere else in the world.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is also Cagnano Varano, another great town to visit while you are in the area of Gargano. There you will have the opportunity to visit Saint Michael’s Cave, which is lovely despite being very small. Also in Cagnano Varano is the Varano Lake which is surrounded by beautiful looking nature, a sight you will definitely not want to miss and which will take your breath away.

I’m sure that now that you know what to see in Gargano you can’t wait for your next holidays to arrive so you can visit this gorgeous sub-region of one of the most beautiful, popular and loved countries in the entire world.

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